Erosion Control Systems

Over 35 Years Experience

US FUSION is one of the only companies in the industry equipped with over 35 years of experience in complete installation, supply, and on-site fusion for the most specialized HDPE piping systems on the market.

Responsible, Long-Lasting Erosion Control Solutions

US FUSION provides reliable, stable, and long-lasting erosion control with our unique Protex™ application. Our Protex™ solution uses the superior technology of fabric-formed concrete mattresses with the strength and durability of cable-reinforced concrete block mattresses.

Protex™ erosion control installed by US FUSION offers better stability than traditional erosion control methods. This system reduces uplift pressures which encourages a snug fit with the subgrade for long-lasting erosion prevention.

Fabric Formed Concrete Installation

Fabric formed concrete is the result of pumping a highly fluid concrete mix into specially woven fabric “forms.” This method of erosion control allows for fast, economical construction of countless applications. At US FUSION, we offer exceptional installation of fabric formed concrete, with the highest attention to quality and detail.


Concrete Canvas Installation

Concrete Canvas is a revolutionary new construction material. It is a flexible, concrete filled geosynthetic that hardens on hydration to form thin, durable and waterproof concrete layers. At US FUSION we are equipped with the material knowledge, equipment, and capacity to install and correctly hydrate Concrete Canvas once laid.

Erosion Control Applications

Erosion control is ideal for applications where erosion and sediment control is critical, such as bordering waterways, directing drainage, and securing embankments.

Our Protex™ solution installed with US FUSION expertise is the most effective barrier against erosion, ensuring safe, stable conditions for many years to come.

Erosion Control Applications Include:

  • Bridge Piers

  • Stream Banks

  • Drainage Ditches

  • Channels, Canals, & Culverts

  • Shorelines & Seawalls

  • Embankments
  • Dams & Spillways

  • Retaining Ponds

  • Landfill Caps

  • Ports & Harbors

  • Lakes & Reservoirs


The US FUSION Difference

When you need an erosion control solution, you can trust US FUSION to deliver excellence.

Complete Solutions for Every Problem

US FUSION specializes in complete solutions. This means that we can be with you every step of the way, from selecting materials, through installation and service. Our experts will evaluate your site and make recommendations that help support your goals and bottom line — so you get exactly what you need when you need it.

Proven Experience in Environmental Responsibility

We’re skilled builders, contractors, and craftsmen who have built valuable construction experience across a wide variety of industries — from Refinery and Power to Municipal and Government projects. We’re committed to delivering excellence on the job site, while keeping our crews and the environment safe.

Highest Quality Materials & Workmanship

We understand that every project is a custom project, which is why we tailor each service to meet the needs of the job. Whether you’re only looking for the best quality materials or seeking a turnkey erosion control system, US FUSION can provide the ideal solution for your application.

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Helpful Resources
Helpful Resources

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We specialize in complete solutions. From expert electrofusion of HDPE piping systems to waste management and containment — no matter what problem you’re dealing with, US FUSION is here to help you solve it.

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