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US RUBBER & Speciality Applications

24/7 Rubber Lining Installation and Repair Services

US RUBBER offers experienced field crews for both repairs and new tank linings. We also have a full service shop to rubber line tanks, vessels, agitators, and other specialty items.

Boost Durability & Protect Your Equipment

Our turnkey rubber lining procurement and installation services feature high-quality materials and best-in-class service. We understand the critical role rubber lining plays in enhancing the performance of your pipes, fittings, storage tanks, and clarifiers. Let us help you protect your investments — quality, safety, and longevity guaranteed.

full service rubber lining capabilities

Full-Service Rubber Lining Capabilities

Our 75,000 sq. ft. shop offers complete rubber lining capabilities. Equipped with an autoclave and a boiler, we can cure rubber in house. We also have all of the ASME codes and API requirements to weld any type of steel.

We can both fabricate and line pipe, fittings, tanks, and vessels. Shop capabilities include blasting, shop paint, and specialized internal coatings and linings.

full service rubber lining capabilities

Rubber Lining Materials

We work directly with and are certified installers for top-name rubber manufacturers. We source high-quality cured and uncured rubber, plus associated coatings, to produce durable rubber lining solutions. Whichever your application requires, we’ve got you covered.

Rubber Lining Materials
Rubber Lining Materials
Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Rubber lining is a necessary supplement when temperatures are higher than what plastic can handle, as well as in any environment involving acids. For this reason, our rubber lining services are commonly requested in the following industries: 

    • Petrochemical
    • Pulp & Paper
    • Railcar
    • Nuclear 
    • Water Treatment  
    • Utility/Power Plants 
    • Mining
    • Steel Mills 
    • Battery Plants
Industries & Applications

Featured Rubber Lining Project

In 2021, we were awarded a contract at the Savannah River Site to rubber line the interior of their saltstone disposal units. These are the largest tanks in the country, measuring 43’ tall, 375’ diameter, and 33 million gallons in volume. Their goal was to take nuclear waste/byproducts from energy and weapon production, bring it down to low-grade radiation, mix it with concrete, and have it live in the tanks.

Since then, we’ve also claimed the title as the first rubber lining contractor in history to be called back to do another saltstone unit project for the Department of Energy — a true testament to our outstanding service and quality.

featured rubber lining project wall
featured project 2
featured rubber lining project

The US RUBBER Difference

Whatever rubber lining solution you need, you can trust us to deliver excellence.

Complete Solutions for Every Problem

US RUBBER specializes in complete rubber lining solutions. This means that we can be with you every step of the way, from selecting materials, through installation and service. Our experts will evaluate your site and make recommendations that help support your goals and bottom line — so you get exactly what you need when you need it.

Over 35 Years Proven Experience in Multiple Sectors

We’re skilled builders, contractors, and craftsmen who have built valuable construction experience across a wide variety of industries — from refinery and power to municipal and government projects. We’re committed to delivering excellence on the job site while keeping our crews and the environment safe.

Certified NACE Inspectors

Our rubber lining specialists are National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) certified inspectors. Whatever protective coatings are required for your project, we will ensure they are highly functional and comply with industry standards.

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US RUBBER & Specialty Construction

We specialize in complete solutions. From expert field installation to a full service shop. No project is too large or too small. US RUBBER is here to help you solve your problems.

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