US FUSION & Specialty Construction stocks and sells McElroy fusion equipment available in ½" to 65" as well as sidewall, socket, and specialty devices. We also provide electrofusion products and equipment for rent or sale.

Request Tracstar Units to save time and money on your next fusion job. Call us today and we can show you the difference TRACS can make in the field when fusing your pipe. Our technicians can illustrate the difference on your project while on the job.

Technicians are available for operation of all equipment.

Historically, Industry has gone to three (3) or more sources to locate a specialty provider who can install what they sell and fabricate. US FUSION & Specialty Construction adds design aid to our experienced construction capability to enable the owner application and installation approach to weldable plastic systems. Our team of plastic professionals have installed miles of weldable plastic pipe from 1” to 65” pressure pipe, structures up to 120” in diameter, and even subaqueous installations up to 48” diameter. Our geosynthetics crews are ready to install HDPE, PVC, Rubber, or exotic containment liner systems for your team for many applications and industries including; Mining, Oilfield (frac ponds, pads, waste ponds, etc), industrial waste containment, spill protection, concrete protection, and many more.


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