Gulf Coast Bulk Liquids Storage Terminal FW Installation

Firewater piping installation at new Gulf Coast bulk liquids storage terminal along the Mississippi River. US FUSION & Specialty Construction installed and performed the on-site fusion services for (2) two zones at the new terminal in Garyville, LA.

HDPE Firewater Piping Installation at Houston Ship Channel Terminal

Furnished & installed (2) Phases of HDPE Firewater System at Houston Ship Channel Terminal in Pasadena, Texas. Fused all piping & installed in trenches.

Cooling Tower Foundation Liner

340,000 SF of PVC containment liner installed by US FUSION crews.

HDPE Pipe Fabrication & Installation

US FUSION recently completed a unique project at a local petrochemical facility. The scope of work included shop fabrication of 400 spools, transport, field fusion for tie ins, placing and installing in pipe rack and hydrotesting of ¾” – 14’’ HDPE Pipe. USF crews used cranes for lifting of pipe spools into rack and utilized HDPE electrofusion couplers for vertical and horizontal tie ins. Electrofusion enabled US FUSION to fuse tight dimensions in a difficult, above grade, in rack application.


US FUSION provided approximately 11,700 LF of pipe ranging from 4" to 30" in size for this dust suppression and pond intake/outfall project.


US FUSION crews installed 12" thick articulating block fabric formed concrete for erosion control beneath a wharf along the Mississippi River. The crew was able to install the revetment by attaching to a retaining wall on one end and running the product out, extending into the river. The project was custom fitted to install around dock piles and columns.

PROTEX Concrete Mattress Levee Armoring - Phase II

Detention Basin Project: 58,200 SF of AB600 (6" thick Articulation Block). Used as a ballast for keeping liner from floating due to groundwater up-heave as well as proved a protective layer when sludge removal is required. Swale: 10,100 SF of AB400 (4" thick Articulating Block). Used as a liner ballast in drainage swale area.

Maringouin, LA Fabric Formed Ditch

USF Installed 13,000 SF of US400 (4" thick Uniform Section) in an improved drainage canal to prevent erosion and provide maintenance free drainage, eliminating need for vegetation removal.

PROTEX Concrete Mattress Levee Armoring

1,250 square feet of PROTEX Concrete Mattress Uniform Section levee armoring at a refinery. Internal levee protection for storm scouring. US FUSION helped with design and installed all armoring.

Tank Settlement Seal Liner

6 each 120’ Chemical Tank Differential Settlement Seal 80 mil HDPE liner. Custom Liner tools used for outside perimeter welds. Design aid provided by US FUSION for constructability of such confined space welding.

Utility Piping

2600’ HDPE 16/14/10/ and 6” st 4piece HDD drill under a state highway in Louisiana. [RawWater/Wastewater/Demin Water/GAS] USF installed, fused, tested pigged all HDPE. HDD by others. Project completed on time and on budget.

Sulfur Pit Closure Project

2,361,000 Sq Ft of EPDM & Composite Fabric/Net

Specialty Containment

Installation of 80 mil PVDF liner as secondary containment for sulfuric acid application.

Slurry Lines

13,000 LF of 16" HDPE pipe.

Secondary Containment

Installation of 80 mil black/white conductive textured liner around tanks.

River Water Intake Line

Revetment Project

Outfall Line

8.000 LF of 24" HDPE pipe fused and installed.

Landfill Cap

Gypsum & Coal Liner System

Firewater Project

Rehabilitation of a steel firewater system with 24" HDPE pipe. Fused and Installed.

Outfall Line Project

Installation of a 12" HDPE waste water pipeline inside a petrochemical facility

Erosion Control

Installation of reinforced polypropylene liner for lagoon/dike protection in a refinery


60 Mil white conductive liner installed.

Emergency Bypass


6.000 LF of 48" HDPE pipe fused and installed at a port terminal.